Chicken & Dumplings Recipe

hi guys  I want to share with you my recipe for chicken and dumplings now this is an American classic that I’ve absolutely grown to love over the years and I think when done right it can be one of the most delicious comforting soothing dishes you can possibly have very very similar flavor wise of a chicken pot pie so if that floats your boat then this is definitely the recipe for you let me take you already ingredients so we can get started you’ll need some boneless skinless chicken thighs I’ll talk about this in just a minute some chopped up onions carrots and celery poultry seasoning I’ve got a glass of wine some chicken stock some flour salt pepper some vegetable oil and you will need a few additional ingredients and then.

We’ll be going on the dumplings as well but this is kind of the base now for when I make chicken pot pie or when I make chicken dumplings or chicken biscuits I always always use boneless skinless chicken thighs and then I cut them to about bite-sized pieces I just think it’s a lot easier than having to cook a whole chicken and then peel you know pull it apart and I think chicken thighs or dark meat in general it’s so undervalued it’s cheap its flavorful and it’s something that you can let it cook for a long time and it gives you a lot a lot of flavor to dish now I trim off most of the fat but I do keep some on because it does add a lot of flavor now to this I’m going to season it really well with some salt and pepper now what I also have is my Dutch oven with some vegetable oil coming up to temperature at about medium-high heat because I want to cook the chicken and get a nice sear on it in a nice color.

So I’m going to add some salt and pepper and some flour because the flour is going to help create that crust which is important and also helps thicken our stew so anyways if you are familiar with chicken and dumplings and you have a family recipe for it I would absolutely love to hear what you do to you know what your family loves I know a friend of mine who makes chicken and dumplings and she must only use two white meat because her husband doesn’t eat dark meat chicken and he just finds it not appetizing and so I love hearing kind of like what other people do with our family recipes I think that’s what makes food and recipe sharing in general so so fun I’m just going to test my oil just about there I’m going to do this in two batches because I don’t want to overcrowd the pan and then I’ll end up steaming my chicken rather than getting a nice good crust on it so I’m just going to cook this up so let egg a nice Chuck Brown crisping all sides .
I’ll do the second batch take it out and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s done taking my second batch of chicken out so crispy I love this smell of sizzling chicken again all crispy okay awesome so in the same table with the same drippings I’m going to add my chopped up veggies give us a good term see if you’re gonna need to add any more oil nice looking a little teeny teeny bit dry let me grab my little box hose this is a vegetable oil because I if you want to use olive oil to sizzle up that chicken and get really nice and crispy the olive oil would burn and trust me I’ve made that mistake I wish I could say just once or twice but I’ve made that mistake a lot so I’ve learned my lesson I’m gonna season my veggies which is a little bit of salt and pepper because remember that seasoning every layer of your dish really makes a big difference and now I’m just going to let my veggies cook for about 6 to 7 minutes or until they’ve cooked down a bit and.
I’ll show you what they look like when they’re done they look perfect smells unbelievable I mean really nothing is really better than sizzling like onions and OH anyways mixing up probably a little too happy that’s okay I put my chicken back in I’m going to add in my poultry seasoning poultry seasoning is absolutely fantastic and some people only use it around fall in winter I use it all year long because I absolutely love it and it’s just a seasoning when that goes perfect with um with poultry now you can make your own it’s really just jarred herbs and you can look up online there’s a lot of different variations with it but you could do like rosemary and thyme and dry parsley just any herb that goes really well with poultry check them back in now you can add chicken stock which is what I’m going to do except.

I carbon Lantis a kind of obsessed with this stuff right here which is really like just really concentrated chicken base and you use a teaspoon for every cup so I’m just going to add a couple of really good dollops of that and it’ll give me plenty of flavor I’ve really just been liking it because it eliminates me from having to have a ton of different stock on hand now I’m going to add this a little bit of wine I’m adding it now I’m not adding it I didn’t add any earlier but that’s fine I’m going to bring this up to a boil partially cover it and let it simmer for about 45 minutes and I’ll show you what it looks like once it’s there very very easy peasy this looks amazing it’s been cooking for about 40 minutes and it’s exactly .

How I want it the chicken is really nice and tender now at this point make sure you taste it for seasoning I’ve already adjusted mine now it does look a little bit on the liquid side but that’s okay because that’s what the dumplings are for they’re gonna really thicken this up beautifully I’m going to add in some frozen peas along with some heavy cream which is really what I do on my chicken pot pie anyway so this is kind of the same path now I’m going to do is let that cook and in the meantime I’m going to make our dumplings now what I have here is all-purpose flour baking powder salt chopped up parsley chopped up chives that’s a little bit too big little and then I’ve got some cracked black pepper now to this I’m going to add a mixture of heavy cream and whole milk I’ve got a little bit of both and then we’re going to add in some melted butter which I’ve got right over here and I’m just going to take my spatula and I’m going to mix everything together now if this looks like it’s on the lumpy side that’s okay because that is how it’s supposed to look so just take your time and just mix it all together you look perfect .

I’m going to just turn this down this has come up to a boil turn that down and I’m going to use a one tablespoon measure ice cream scoop just makes them all perfect and I’m just going to scoop right on top of those delightful juices trying to work as fast as you can so they kind of all cook and plump up at the same time and that’s it you can also just use two you know two spoons and you know that’s it yeah it’s job done that easy last one we’re on the very top I just turned my heat back up to about medium between medium and medium high doesn’t need to be at medium-high and you don’t want to be a medium somewhere in between now I’m going to do is move cover this partially still leaving a little bit of C of room here for the steam to escape I’m going to let this cook for 15 minutes and then turn the heat off let it sit there for about five minutes and we are ready to dig in oh goodness gracious how good does that look now the dumpling cooked for about 15 minutes and .

I turn this off covered it covered it let it sit there for about five minutes and we are ready to dig in admittedly this might not look picture-perfect it might not look like something that it’s on in front of a magazine but it is one of the most delicious and comforting things in the entire world I mean really look at those perfect dumplings ah chicken that gravy I love it all it all has my name it has my name written all over it let’s just go into the dumpling first I want to show you how lovely and fluffy they look let’s try that could really really smell the poultry seasoning mmm they melt in your mouth they have thickened up this soupy gravy whatever you want to call it so perfectly it’s really there’s really no words it’s an amazing comfort food perfect for this time of year not that the weather is really starting to finally cool down I can’t imagine anything cozier than a bowl of this maybe a baguette and a green salad possibly an apple pie and you’ve got like the perfect fall Sunday dinner to get this recipe and also a great apple pie recipe or any recipe you might be interested in and as always I will see you next time bye-bye