Homemade Clam Chowder Recipe

hi guys I’m going to show you how I make my clam chowder it’s been requested hear and learn the kitchen quite a bit and I love it and I think it tastes incredible in the summer so I’m really excited to share this recipe with you this is my take on it and let me take you over the ingredients so we can get started you’re going to some chopped onions celery it’s a thick cut bacon and a cutting little pieces some chopped potatoes fresh corn kernels all-purpose flour fresh thyme you need to of course your clams and just a few additional ingredients which I’ll go into as we proceed with the recipe now the first thing I’ll talk about is the clams now my favorite kinds of claims to use for clam chowder or any kind of soup really these are cherry stone claims they’re really big they’re really needy and they provide incredible flavor and texture to your soup you can use other kinds of claim.

I absolutely suggest you use cherry stone and they’re much less expensive than other kinds of claims I happen to find in my you know local grocery store or fish store so let me tell you how I clean them I put my claims in cold water for 30 minutes I then drain them and with a little brush like this you can find these at your local supermarket i scrub scrub scrub each and every one of them and then I put them back into a clean bowl with clean water let them soak again for 30 minutes drain them and put them in clean water that’s how I always have cleaned my clams and I figured that’s a good way to go so what I’m going to do is actually make our own clam juice because there’s no need to buy it if you can make your own in this pot we’re going to heat it up over by high heat you’re going to add in some water I’m going to wait for the water to come to a boil now why buy clam juice when you can make your very own from very young fresh clams so once that comes to a boil.
I’ll show you the next step add my clams to my boiling water this is gonna provide so much good flavor you’ll see and now with clams when you buy them they should all be tightly closed if they’re open don’t buy them they’re not good and they should not have like a fishy awful smell this she really does not smell like anything besides the sea um a few days ago I went to the store and I want to get clams and they smelled so bad that at the counter I was I couldn’t there’s no way that I could purchase them I mean they smell like rotten sewage you got a bad clam if it smells like – you just smell like the sea so any who’s then into the boiling water lid on for about seven to ten minutes or until all the clams open up and after they open up.
I’ll show you the next step and clams are open and I’m just taking them out with a slotted spoon here look at that gorgeous already now they’re all open set them aside to cool for a bit and now over here what I’ve got is a sieve as a fine sieve and I’ve lined it with some paper towels you can line it with cheesecloth you can line it with coffee filters you can line them with pretty much anything that you want I’m using paper towels it works I’m going to do is I want you to take this gorgeous briny liquid here and I want you to pass it through but I don’t want you to take the very very bottom because any sand that comes out of the shells or of the clams collects at the bottom of the pot and you don’t want to do that so what I’m going to do is I’m just going to strain this really nice and patiently once your liquid has been strained you want to set that aside as well take out big pot you can use the same one or you can use a nice heavy-duty pot which is what I’m using .

I have it created over medium heat into this I’m going to add in my bacon no oil necessary it gives it a lot of its own fat and I’m just going to cook the bacon until it’s nice and crisp and in the meantime here’s what I’m going to do well speaking I am going to take each piece of clam and take the meat out I mean look at that look at that I’m going to take them all out and I’m going to chop them into like bite-sized pieces like that that’s perfect time to remove the bacon all that lovely drippings are perfect now if you find that your bacon renders out way too much fat you’re really looking forward to 2 to 3 tablespoons then drain some of it but that as you can see it’s not a whole whole lot so I’m going to just use that and saute my veggies now I think clam chowder is the thing that some people are passionate about making it a certain way and that’s it and that’s fine that’s great but like all things in cooking you know you tailor to what you like you make things according to your taste this happens to be the way I love clam chowder it was really inspired by my last trip to South Finn’s in San Francisco where it came in this gorgeous big sourdough bread bowl which was incredible .

I thought it was a little too heavy so I’m not serving in a bread bowl but you absolutely can but this was just inspired by that trip if you don’t like corn in yours if you just think that putting corn and clam chowder than oh now then don’t punch them in or you can use canned clams you can do whatever you want really this is just my take on a clam chowder I’m doing to my veggies and letting them cook for about 4 to 5 minutes or until they become nice and soft you’re not looking for them to really develop a lot of color you’re just looking for them to coat the cook down a little bit to that I’m going to add in a little bit of flour and the flour helps thicken the soup and again with clam chowder it’s a preference thing so some people really like their super thick some people like on the little center side so if you like really thick then add in a little bit more flour or you add in a little less liquid if you like a thinner added more liquid it’s completely up to you.

I’m just adding it a little bit at a time so that I can kind of cook it out so I don’t have that raw flour taste you know which I really despise and cook that for about 30 seconds looks awesome I’m going to add in our potatoes and I just peeled and diced and some fresh thyme I love fresh thyme strip it right off the stem there the leaves are so tender really really lovely and my corn fresh corn kernels right off the cob best and your clam juice oh yes perfection now I’m going to do is let this come to a boil and I’m going to simmer it for about 25 minutes or until the potatoes are tender and then I’ll show you the last final steps right before we dig in now that your potatoes are tender my soups been simmering for about 25 minutes and to this I’m going to add in my clams a large chunks of clam a little heavy cream don’t look if you’re on a diet get on the treadmill for an extra hour tomorrow but it’ll be worth it you’re going to add in your bacon and.

You’ll crisped up earlier some parsley and you need to season it with some salt and pepper now you want to season it according to taste I have tasted this already as it was cooking so I know how much it means just remember that the of course the clam broth is already kind of salty and briny and the bacon salty so keep that in mind when you’re seasoning so what I’m going to do is I’m going to give us a nice big stir and let this cook for about five minutes I want the claims to kind of warm up and then I’m going to turn this off and it’s going to be time to serve and my chowder is done look at that gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous now if you want to of course you can serve this with some sourdough bread or some crackers on top but this is so good on its own it really doesn’t need anything to kind of company I need a piece of clam though so this is going to be muy caliente right okay aha very very good I will say this this is probably the only way .

I’ll make clam chowder and I knew that the flavor of the corn can be overpowering but I personally love that sweetness against the briny clams and if you want to try your recipe a new recipe for I really hope that you give this one a shot it’s easy it’s delicious it just highlights some of the best best flavors of summer I think and in moderation of course you can definitely enjoy a bowl or two of this and if you want to get the recipe goes wwr in the kitchen calm I’m gonna go back to eating this incredible and I’ll see you next time bye bye