How To Make Chicken Parmesan

hi guys we are remaking an old classic the good old chicken parmesan I don’t have any olives I don’t add a whole lot I keep it very simple I make a little ricotta sauce for the chick I mean it’s just to die for but it’s very simple and it’s delicious it’s what my family loves and if you follow me on instagram you know a few weeks ago my sister came over she requested it I made it for her I shared it with you and I had overwhelming amounts of you asking for it an updated recipe I think you guys really appreciate really easy home food the kind of food that just makes you feel good you appreciate that because when you see it on my Instagram which were very very active on it’s a thing that speaks to you the most a beautiful picture of a wonderful dish is wonderful but when you see home cooking you really get excited so that’s how.

We know that’s how I know we’re good friends you know cuz i love me some home cooking what i have in here is a little olive oil i just turned it on and you can see that i added the onion and the garlic to cold oil because i want the onion in the garlic it’s just sort of softened but i don’t want it to really caramelize we’re gonna make a quick sauce I’ve got that I’ve got really good san marzano tomatoes really juicy lovely there are whole plum tomatoes and I just sort of like crushed them by hand because I love that rustic looked and feel of it fresh basil I’ve got some salt and that’s all you need to make the sauce once the sauce is going then we make our chicken cutlets then we layer then we bake it’s phenomenal you’re gonna love it,

I’m gonna keep an eye on this when it’s ready I’m gonna add it to me this and your Tomatoes if you’re soft said the tomatoes come in is a little thick just add a splash of water I’ll do that I’ll just probably add like 1/4 cup of water in here add it to that few leaves of an eagle that’s a dialect for my vehicle it should be basil a good pinch of salt and now I’m just gonna let this simmer I’m gonna partially cover it at a splash of water let it simmer for balla not half-hour so in the meantime we’re gonna get all the fixin’s ready for the chicken cutlets we need chicken breasts you can do this with thighs but I use chicken breast chicken breasts breadcrumbs eggs but regional salt a little oil to fry them in a fresh mozzarella for them to do a little bit of pasta for the side I’m very hungry that’s why I can’t stop.

I’m gonna let this go and then we’ll continue all right let’s talk cutlets I’ve got a couple of eggs some breadcrumbs these are Italian breadcrumbs plain breadcrumbs will do and I’ve got some chicken breasts these were two really big chicken breasts they were close to about 12 ounces apiece I just slice them lengthwise make sure they’re all the same thickness from top to bottom and they are beautiful and perfect and ready to go do not use chicken breasts at a real real thin because what happens is when you put the sauce on and you put the cheese and you pop them in the oven they will overcook and become really tough and rubbery you’re looking for a chicken breast or about yay thick okay maybe a quarter to a half of an inch beautiful because you still want to be juicy on the inside if you’re doing a chicken parm if you are doing just a plain old chicken cutlet you want a thin crispy and delicious .

I’ve got some vegetable oil you could use I have some light olive oil coming to temperature you can use vegetable oil I’m going to say I want that nice and hot but not burnt so keep an eye on that I’ve got a few eggs to the eggs I’m going to agree in some parmigiano-reggiano I don’t really do the whole flour and egg thing and and breadcrumb a thing anymore when it comes to my chicken cutlets just because I don’t feel like it’s necessary I put a little bit of parm in there and it thickens the bread the eggs and it makes the chicken really sort of adhere so it works out perfectly a good pinch of salt to both you want you know every layer of your dish to be delicious delight whisker eggs you can add a splash of milk if you want to again I don’t think it’s necessary so.
I’m not gonna but you can if you want to I’m all Tony Soprano on you you know we’ve been starting to watch the series all over again because Joe’s never seen it and we’re obsessed all right what’s the real this with my hands real easy home cooking you know the kind that just makes everything better you can do this with my hands because my hands are clean and I can you do a little dipper rule right dip in and dip in and a nice dredge take your other hand your dry hand as I call it make sure you coat chicken flip that around and as much as I love breading you want to make sure you shake off any excess because I don’t want it to just burn in the oil anyway shake that off look at the parm on there mmm hot oil butter bing bada boom I’m gonna do the rest there probably take a few minutes on each side I want to make sure that they’re cooked but not overcooked and remember they’re gonna go in the oven for like ten minutes or so to melt the cheese so they will carry on cooking a little bit just keep an eye on them you want some golden brown delish beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful mundo sign look at that color yes all right.

I’ve got my sauce here remember that sauce that we were simmering for a while to this what do I want to do I like a little richness I love ricotta with my sauce I love ricotta with my pasta so I add some renin okay along with a hefty grading of parmigiano and it just makes the sauce extra luscious you don’t have to do this but you know adds in a town a household there’s always about 99.9% chance that there’s ricotta in the house and so if there is stir that in it makes it infinitely so much better and if you ever grew up when you’re known now and your mom or your di maid sauce on Sundays with rigatoni with meat sauce a lot of times it add ricotta in it sometimes it bake it like a big CD sometimes they wouldn’t put that some of that in there right reserve a little bit for your pasta I feel a little pieces of pretty go out it’s fine it’s gonna go in the oven it’s gonna do a nice little melt or ooh and be perfect.

I’m just gonna try and move things out of my way a tiny bit there we are and then I’ve got my oven preheated nice and hot I have it to 425 because I just want to put this in there long enough to kind of melt the cheese and get everything bubbly and delicious nobody wants to overcooked anything and I just do plus I don’t want to get that breading super soggy I just do a little sauce kind of right in the middle because you’ve got the sauce at the base as well you can always serve some on the side your mouth is watering fresh mots get the moths that’s like this not the real wet kind because the real wet kind is gonna add too much moisture to this and make it way too watery you know what I’m saying a little bit of parm and I’m gonna pop this in a for 25 oven until everything is golden brown delicious.

I’ve got my pasta boiling and then I meet you back here for a nice plate of Sunday dinner my sister’s not here but when she watches this she’s gonna be so mad how gorgeous just came out of the oven it was in there about 10 minutes the exact time I took for me to boil boil of some pop stop whoa splash sauce all over myself hey you know what that’s fine I’ve got a little more ricotta and mozzarella and that’s true in a little bit of bottom e-journal I’m gonna add a little bit more to this because you know what chicken parm people chicken parms toss everything together you kind of want every caught that too melt a bit into a large bowl delicious creamy delicious pasta how many times can I say delicious but it is delicious.

I want this guy right here right onto my plate oh yes yes thank you very much yes a little extra sauce on top hmm I welcome you to Sunday dinner look at that cheese you know it’s gonna be good I was gonna get that right in my mouth but I’ll embarrass myself you know it’s gonna be good let’s look at this my goodness look at that messy you know what it’s all good oh brother if your chicken parm is not deliciously creamy saucy so cheesy a little crispy from the cutlet you’re doing it wrong my friend I can’t get this cheese to get off my knife huh George Oh Huggle mmm it was hot but well worth it because that’s how you eat chicken parm women’s hot and it’s gooey and it’s and it’s delicious I hope you’ve enjoyed spending time with me I’m staring at her like what long-lost lovers that’s the next time bye