How to Make Great Homemade Pizza In one hour

fast good and cheap that’s the impossible trinity and it said that at best you can expect two out of three of those things in just about anything life a new car and homemade pizza but to prove us wrong and just shows the impossible trinity can be found is dan he’s going to show us how to make a great homemade pizza in what how long one hour one hour start your time all right this is actually a really big challenge we traditionally like to make a pizza dough and then pop it in the fridge for at least overnight

often up to three days some pretty magical things happen during that time we get a dough that is more extensible so it’s easier to stretch easier to make nice and round yes it also develops more flavor so it has a lot of bonuses that philosophy has been pounded into us here to atk for a long time wait wait wait right but the problem is a lot of times you want pizza that night right so you don’t want to wait so we came up with a new method i already have our oven preheating at 500 degrees and i have a stone in there very very close to the top okay so that’s our baking setup let’s get into our dough here

  • so first thing is bread flour this has tons of gluten potential you get really really nice chew
  • so we’re gonna use one and a third cup of bread flour next up i have a half a cup
  • of semolina flour now semolina we use in some of our pizzas especially the thicker sicilian style
  • this is a really interesting flour it’s high in protein protein helps us get really crispy pizza

but it has lower gluten potential okay so this is going to give us a dough that’s slightly more extensible really good flavor too great flavor yep i also have two teaspoons of instant or rapid rice yeast this is much more than we would use in a long ferment dough no it’s true we use like a half a teaspoon a teaspoon at the max because you have tons of time to allow it to feed and then to kind of give that

some really fast food we’re adding two teaspoons of sugar as well

so i’m just gonna process these briefly together just a couple seconds okay so let’s move on to our liquid component we’re actually going to use a little bit more liquid than we normally would because more liquid means that it can stretch a little bit easier yeah so the first thing i have is some warm water so this is a half a cup plus two tablespoons or about five ounces of water and it’s warm it’s about 115 degrees next up i have

some lager so this is a really mild lager we don’t often add beer to pizza dough

this is really important because it helps contribute some fermentation flavor to the dough

really really quickly just by adding it in so this is a quarter of a cup next i have two teaspoons of white vinegar so this also helps contribute some of the flavors of fermentation that we’re not gonna get because we’re doing it so rapidly next up i have one and a half teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil this will give us a little more stretchability and also some richness so with this food processor running i’m gonna pour it in and we’ll process just for about 10 seconds and then stop it okay so that’s just 10 seconds we’re going to let this sit for about 10 minutes at this point before we add our salt into it it’s a process called autolease what it does is it allows some of the gluten formation to start now

so we don’t have to accomplish it all with the blade of the food processor all right sounds good now we know that water makes things soggy but when it comes to pizza crust it really is key to getting a crisp crust as pizza bakes in a hot oven the water inside the dough turns to steam and expands

that makes the crust puff a dough with less water will puff

less making a denser doughier crust now when a dough contains more

water it puffs more heat travels more readily through the denser dough so when heat from the oven hits the surface of the crust it’s conducted through the dough into the interior now when he hits the surface of the crust the air inside acts as an insulator heat can’t penetrate as easily into the interior instead the outer surface of the crust is left to cook on its own so it turns into a crisp crunchy layer and that’s why water is the key to a crispy pizza crust so it’s been 10 minutes

uh we’ve accomplished our auto lease period so we’ve got some gluten development now we’re going to add a teaspoon of salt so we’ll finish our kneading it’s only going to take 30 to 60 seconds because the food processor is so fast beautiful all right let’s come over here i’m going to dust my counter with a little bit of flour it’s one of those things a food processor they come with a dough blade but we never use it don’t eat it you use the steel blade to make dough exactly yep so i’m just going to need this briefly on here to do that final need kind of bring it together you want to feel it it’s a really nice idea beautiful nice what’s actually kind of amazing is despite the fact that you just processed it it’s a little bit slumpy which

is good usually at this point that dough you’d be trying to punch it

and then you’d hit yourself in the head exactly working with most quick doughs is just a total nightmare right this one’s gonna be a totally different situation all right so now this is gonna make two pizzas i’m gonna divide down the middle and i’m going to shape each into a nice little ball so it makes two and there’s two of us i thought this would be perfect but i really want you to experience how easy it is okay with this dough great the parchment is going to help us out a little bit and if you’ve noticed we haven’t let this rise yet we’re actually going to do our shaping

and then let it rise and by doing that we’re not going to then

roll out all of those nice air bubbles we put in there in the first place so that’s key that would never work with a normal dough it just would spring back too much right you’ll see this will work so i’m going to spray about an 11 inch circle here with this cooking spray so you get yours i get mine

  • i’m gonna do a little spray on top here as well
  • and then we’ve got a rolling pin you’ve got one too so we’re gonna take this out to a ten inch circle
  • i can’t believe that this is spreading out even this much that’s right usually if you make a quick dough and you try to roll it out at that point you end up with pizza ball just one pizza ball yeah i think it took me probably about 10 years of professional cooking before i made a round pizza
  • this is not a reflection of my skill here this is all this dough
  • okay so i’m there i’m about 10 inches you can also use your fingers you know if you need to
  • fix any little bits or even it out all right

so now we’re going to cover with another piece of parchment here all right we’re going to go a little bit further out the parchment really helps this last step we’re going to bring this out to 11 and a half inches okay which is almost the very edge of the parchment side and you can do you know this kind of pushing spreading thing you can roll whatever you find easiest okay i’m there i am too

we’re gonna let these rise just like this okay for 30 minutes

in between the parchment in between the parchment after about 20 minutes we’re gonna switch our oven to broil while this happens we’re gonna go over here and make our sauce makes sense times the chicken times the ticket we don’t have any time to waste here so we’re gonna start with a 28 ounce can of whole peeled tomatoes that we’ve drained we don’t want that extra liquid in there we’ve got a little bit of dough still in there i did a pretty good job with my spatula it’s totally fine it’s all going to bake in the oven together so we have no problem so then i have a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil three anchovies rinsed and padded dry these are optional

for most people but not for me they’re so good they’re so intensely savory right it would be missing something without them and it’s not going to taste fishy no they’re a magic ingredient they really add tons of flavor so much flavor a teaspoon of salt a teaspoon of dried oregano i have a half teaspoon of sugar just add a little bit of sweetness i’ve also got a quarter of a teaspoon of black pepper and finally for a little bit more heat an eighth of a teaspoon of crushed red pepper all right so i’m just gonna process all this together until totally smooth about 30 seconds

that was about as fast as you can possibly make a pizza sauce

so our doughs have proofed here for 30 minutes you can see they’re starting to get nice and puffy under the parchment a little puffy about 10 minutes ago i switched the oven from bake to broil

and that’s a really key step here what we want to do is create a really hot oven we’re going to heat up the stone more heat up the air space above it so we’ll bake our pizza faster okay and fast pizza baking is great because you get a crispier crust the interior stays more moist and one hour pizza

  • right we gotta speed up all about speed i know you don’t have to remind me i feel the pressure
  • all right peel off this parchment oh yeah you can really see how puffy it is we had done it to this point and then started to roll it out all those air bubbles gone so what we’re gonna do here is just dust really lightly on top
  • and then use a pastry brush i just wanna get a nice even layer of flour but not too much
  • this is the side that’s gonna go down on the peel okay that looks great so i’m gonna bring my peel up

and i’m using this really really cool peel that’s got this canvas on here this has a fair amount of flour already in it because we we’ve used it a few times it basically prevents any sticking from happening and it’s a really cool way to transfer it into the oven

so i’ll show you how that works you can obviously use a regular peel for this so i’m just going to flip this over onto it and then peel off the top layer this really smells like a dough that has been fermenting overnight in the fridge yeah exactly the beer and that vinegar in there is really helpful so now we’re going to go in our sauce use about half a cup here

and then spread it out we’re gonna leave about a three-quarter inch border around the whole thing

you know i never leave a border at home i love that little bit of sauce take it all the way to the egg that creeps over to the edge and there’s no cheese on it just concentrates

okay that looks beautiful so we’re gonna go on with a quarter cup of grated parm it’s good to put this underneath the mozzarella because it’ll dry out if you have it on top and it can start to burn give it kind of a funky flavor to the pizza okay that looks great and then we’re going to go three quarters of a cup of whole milk mozzarella that we grated ourselves it’s much better idea to grate yourself than buy the prepackaged stuff because it’s tossed with the cellulose-based

additive that keeps those strands separated but it’s not going to melt as well on your pizza

okay this looks so good it looks kind of amazing so we’re going to go into the oven

and as soon as i put it in i’m going to turn it to bake because we don’t want to be broiling the whole time right you could burn the top on there so we’re going to switch it back to bake and we’ll bake for about eight to 12 minutes okay until it is gorgeous all over we’re gonna rotate halfway through oh this smells good i see pizza oh yeah oh yeah so this pizza is screaming hot right now so we’re gonna let it rest for five minutes okay in the meantime i’m gonna heat the broiler back up and we’ll cook up the second one sounds good 59 minutes and 59 seconds that is time time to eat all right so we did it in an hour it’s beautifully round it is beautifully crispy does not look like any quick pizza i’ve ever seen oh yeah oh yeah that sounds good pizza has to sound good you get to choose yes i do i’m gonna go with this guy right here good pick now look that is perfect so it’s crispy enough on the bottom to hold like that right not flopping but not floppy but not too not you know not too crispy on the bottom right you see nice air bubbles in there air bubbles but it’s not doughy not doughy that texture is unbelievable i mean it really is crisp on the bottom the dough actually has really good flavor because i think there’s that beer the vinegar in there and the sauce it tastes like that sauce was cooked for a while because it’s very developed

  • tons and tons of savoriness in there those anchovies androids are a secret ingredient
  • you really are i do have to make sure that all the slices are equally as good as this one though
  • we have another one to get to too that’s right
  • well if you’d like to make this incredible one-hour pizza at home start that oven and get the clock started too
  • make a tasty food processor dough with semolina lager and vinegar
  • roll out thin let rise and then make a savory tomato sauce
  • flip the dough onto a peel top with sauce and cheese and bake
  • so from our test kitchen to your kitchen a speedy.

i’ll see you later