How To Make Mimosa cake

hi guys I want to share with you how to make a mimosa cake mimosa as in the flower not as in the drink so let’s get started I’ve got my oven preheated to 350 and we’re gonna make a pan espana very easy sponge Italian sponge cake you need whole eggs and egg yolks to a large bowl and you’re going to add some sugar there’s no butter there’s no oil there’s no milk you’re going to get all of your volume from this so you’re going to whisk this using a handheld electric whisk until it like triples its volume and then in here I’ve got all-purpose flour cornstarch and salt so I’m gonna go ahead and whisk this I told you the ovens preheated right I think so and I also have a 9 by 13 inch pan that .

I have greased in lined with parchment traditionally you make this in a round cake and you stack the layers but you know me I cannot stand round cakes I don’t like to make them and I don’t like to serve them because they’re sort of a pain to cut and serve so I make on mine by 13 I’m gonna do this I’ll tell you the next step that is what you’re looking for it is tripled in volume and the color of the mimosa cake is a lovely like mellow yellow color which comes from the quality of edges that you’re using and you’re using a lot of eggs to make the sponge so it’s gonna be just lovely I like to just go ahead and sift my dry ingredients because I want this to be really lovely and smooth and then you just sort of fold in the dry ingredients carefully because we’re going to douse it and the limoncello syrup and a custard and it’s just gonna be fabulous alright it’s gonna go into your Frieda.

I’m gonna for about half an hour until it’s fully cooked through and then we’re gonna move on to the custard alright while the cake is cooling gonna make the custard you can make the custard before the cake it doesn’t matter because the cake need to be completely cooled before you move forward and the custard is gonna get like chill I’m actually gonna chill it in the freezer so it gets done really fast in a saucepan I’ve got some whole milk I’m going to add a couple strips of lemon I don’t dest it because I’m gonna you already know pressure all of it out and I’m going to convey that to a simmer withinside the period in-between in a big bowl I’m going to take egg yolks and I’m going to take flour sugar with a pinch of salt and a little vanilla extract and I’m going to use my handheld electric whisk To ensure it’s surely whisked and before everything it’s gonna experience like it’s too thick and it’s in no way going to return back collectively however it does you just need to be patient so go ahead and do that while the mill comes to a simmer.

I can see little bubbles forming around the edge I’m going to add a little bit of the milk to my egg yolk mixture I told you that it would come together you just have to be patient a little bit at a time what we’re doing right now is we are tempering two egg yolks so that when we add the custard to the pan then you’re not gonna get scrambled egg you don’t need to add it all simply maximum of it contrary manner bro and now we’re gonna simply take this apart taking my custard that’s now tempered we’re going to strain it in the end anyway so don’t panic and now you’re just going to cook this once in a simmer until it thickens and it will thicken a lot I’m gonna strain it through a fine sieve cover with cling film and then just pop it in the fridge until it’s completely cooled and then I will show you how to pull the whole thing together all right so let’s talk what we’ve got going on here.

I’ve got a sous chef say I’m very busy sorry I am very busy too busy to talk that’s fine show them your apron it’s a Christmas apron with a bear anyway my cake baked for 30 minutes let it cool completely then I invert it and what I did was I cut it into two even layers and then I took the middle that’s right and I took a very thin middle layer because I want all these yellow when I go to decorate it and sitting on the side now this is the top layer right you want to put that upside down in a serving dish or whatever and now this is a little bit of a limoncello that I have mixed with some water yeah you do it to this one that I mixed with some water because you need a syrup to soak the cake now if you don’t want to do limoncello which is a lemon liqueur you can do just a simple syrup of sugar and water and a squeeze of orange juice or a squeeze of fresh lemon and that would work fine.

I like it with limoncello I like the busyness of it I wouldn’t suggest you give it to kids but it’s delicious but there are alternatives of course you just wanna make sure that that’s pretty nicely soaked we’re gonna do the same thing to this layer Which goes to be the second one layer howdy cautious with that I’ve were given a few stiff whipped cream right here I’m going to take approximately a 3rd of it or so and I’m gonna upload that to the custard that we made in advance that became simply sitting withinside the fridge and it’s cold and it’s perfect take that and you’re going to take about half of this custard mixture now do not thoughts the reality that my cake layers are simply now no longer very instantly all of us understand that I can’t reduce some thing ideal so guy that isn’t always satisfactory however you take nice but you take your second layer you’re gonna plop that right on top remember this one’s boozy and don’t worry if it’s lopsided you won’t see it was what I’m decorating and you won’t see it so you’re gonna take this custard remember this top had the lemoncello mixture as well yeah good right how’s that look okay that looks so nice Wow oh I’ll be quiet I’ll do this sorry how dare .

I it’s so much fun just take the cream I’m gonna put that in a piping bag fit it with just like a star tip but this is ready for me we’re gonna make little florets huh now this is where the mimosa part comes in okay before I guess we’re gonna do it together okay we just have to let it sit right here for one second because it has to set now you take this the little middle layer that we cut and this is where the mimosa part comes in yeah you just sort of pinch and disintegrate little portions due to the fact this is supposed to resemble the mimosa flower and I even have a few quite yellow plants and I’m gonna decorate this with which I’ll show you their number Moses I couldn’t find my Moses but it’s gonna be really pretty and waiting to just you see how pretty it’s gonna look so I’m gonna continue to do this you want to do this to the whole top of the cake just crumble the cake here you can also just pop this into a food processor to crumble it but once your quote-unquote mimosas are on the cake all right let me just do Ricky because you can’t reach.

I just take the remaining whipped cream and then I just sort of I know baby but you can reach honey okay all right you just pipe little rosettes all around excuse me sweetheart all around and then if you want to you can do more I only typically do the border and then I take yellow flowers whatever yellow flowers your heart desires you could do a stripe of icing or what’s cream I should say in the very front if you want to cover anything up I don’t really care you know that about me it’s not that big of a deal you want to do it that way too but if you want to cover any imperfection it’s a good way to do it with just some whipped cream right here um I like yellow flowers again should be mimosas but I don’t got my Moses so all right go ahead squeeze life of a three-year-old Wow so pretty that’s do over here last little border on the edge oh okay okie dokie then you take your yellow flowers which again totally optional don’t eat the flowers flowers are clean but how cheerful yes honey the theme of everything in life lately is I want to do it who can relate who can relate say life of a three-year-old can you say that you like this cake.

I’m just gonna do more flowers all around it will look up nauseous but it’ll be so pretty it put a little flower in there Wow beautiful very pretty very cheerful perfect for International Women’s Day like I said Mother’s Day spring in general whatever you are desires this does need to cross withinside the refrigerator for some time a great 3 to 4 hours minimal or you may do it in a single day I’m gonna pop it withinside the refrigerator for just a few hours and then we’re gonna stir banette ready to suck half days out do you need a nap it’s cake not bread all right my cake was setting for a few hours in the fridge and I do have to apologize when I’ve got sous chef here we love her I know we do it makes my job really difficult in an ordinary setting you know when we cook together it’s lovely and we have fun and I don’t care how things come out and if it gets messy who cares nothing.

I can’t clean right but what I am trying to show something to you don’t to be profesh never – it’s just hard you know so if my decorating skills are worse than huge it’s because it was very difficult to get the job done but my cake was setting in the fridge for a few hours it is gorgeous you can see where the limoncello has sort of soaked through the sponge the pan is fine yeah mmm it is beautiful I mean look in here my layers may not be perfect should but it’s beautiful right look how golden and pretty that is just gotta love it will get better I’ll talk to my sous chef about being more patient mmm god damn tastes like heaven this tastes like any cake dessert that you get in a traditional bar in Naples in Italy or even near mouthing that is laced with limoncello.