How To Make Stuffed artichokes

hi guys I want to share with you how to make the most delicious stuffed artichokes they’re different in their version I’ve shared with you years ago these are my stuffed artichokes that are delicious and admittedly I don’t make them often because they are a labor of love but they’re phenomenal and I figured for my holiday table. we’re gonna have to make some stuffed artichokes to go with it because they are just phenomenal and worthy of a special occasion let me tell you what I’m doing here with the artichokes because I’ve already started with one and this is the most labor-intensive part what I have here is a large pod just because it’s my largest like that’s all that I could hold everything in and I’m squeezed the juice of a whole lemon so that it keeps the artichokes from turning round artichokes oxidize extremely quickly so.

I just juiced a whole lemon and then added it to my pan with the water and I’m gonna prep the artichokes when you’re I’ve got my tea here this is a perfect time to get yourself a cup of tea maybe get a show goin and do this these are the artichokes you’re looking for it really small tight artichokes this is not the place for the really big loose artichokes like with the loose leaves you want something small and tight what we’re gonna do is we’re going to remove about three layers of your artichokes you know leaves whatever you want to call them right so first layer will be the little one second and third okay I have a half of a lemon here that I have just cut in half because what I’ll do is periodically as I’m cutting this up because as I mentioned that artichokes oxidize really quickly.

I will come in here and I will just rub the cut side with some lemon it’s inevitable that they’re gonna turn brown but who cares you’re gonna cook them so it’s fine and this is not meant to be perfect for a picture it’s just gonna be delicious so you kind of just get into the very tender part which is this right here okay this is lovely and tender now to the top this is pretty old one later so I’m just gonna go ahead and cut the top off with a sharp knife okay and this is what I mean when I say periodically you just come in here and you just cut you take your your lemon and you just rub the cut side I’m gonna just trim the stem and then I use a sharp paring knife I find a peeler to be really difficult to work with so .

I just take my paring knife and I just peel the stem because the stem becomes tender and delicious when you cook it so now you’ve got your beautiful artichoke right you have to get rid of the choke because we’re gonna stuff this cut in half if you just stick again your sharp knife you cut it in half like so and you want to get rid of this situation over here one is you don’t want to have that choke and two you need that space for your stuffing so it is a labor of love this is admittedly the most tricky time-consuming part of the whole thing but they are so delicious and when you serve these they’re just so delicious and they’re spectacular to look at and being looked like a celebration so now that you’ve got your vessel clean you just take your lemon .

I’ll just rub rub rub like so and then you just add it to your water to your lemon water right there and I’m just gonna keep doing the same thing but I’m gonna tell you what I’m gonna do next because I don’t want to bore you I’m gonna do this to all of my artichokes put em in that pan then I’m going to drain that water for fresh water in without the lemon this time and I’m going to boil them for about 45 minutes or until tender so once they are boiled and they are tender I’m gonna bring you back here we make the stuffing we pop them in the oven and then we eat like it’s Christmas Day but it ain’t no pressure so I’m just gonna keep going boil till tender and I’ll show you the next step I mean well the artichokes are still finishing up cooking they’ve got about ten minutes left so we’re gonna make the stuffing so that I can sit.

I’ve got a skillet here with quite a bit of olive oil got about a quarter cup and to it it’s not really hot yet because I don’t want to really burn my onions I want them to slowly cook and just become translucent so I’ve got onions and garlic that I’m just gonna leave there like I said just to become translucent and just develop a little bit of color around the edges now you need is some stale bread I love my carbs so there’s always some kind of stale bread in the pantry if there’s not I’m cheap I don’t really throw anything away so if there’s like a piece of bread that we’re not finishing and I know it’s gonna go stay on a day or two it.

I don’t need it I stick it in the freezer and then I just pull it out when I need to make a stuffing or bread crumbs for meatballs or anything like that so it works great you need about four to five ounces a few slices of bread this is just some still ciabatta bread I’m going to pulse this in a food processor but you’re also gonna need parmigiana you’ll need some mild cheese like a monster I like a dry mozzarella or like a really mild provolone is great I’ve got some chopped prosciutto you can use pancetta then you can also use speck here would be great lots of parsley here I have a little bit of the cooking water from the artichokes and you’ll need some salt pepper that’s pretty much all you need.

I am going to go ahead and pulse my bread in batches until it resembles breadcrumbs obviously gonna go do that and I’m gonna place it in my bowl and then we’ll pretty much add everything else um once the onions are cooked so I’m just gonna pulse this and then we’ll put it all together all right so I’m drained the artichokes I’ve placed them in my baking pan that I just put a little bit of olive oil at the bottom they’re really nice and tender they’re just about cooked all the way through and you wanna make sure that you get to this point before you add them before you add the topping and then pop them in the oven because they won’t have a chance to cook all the way through and then the outside layers will be really dry and that’s just not a no-no for me so let’s chuck stuffing here is the bread chances are this is going to make more stuffing than.

You’ll need if you’re just making this many this many artichokes which are 12 halves but I strongly encourage you to make the entire thing because this makes for a fantastic stuffing for all kinds of things I use it as a binder from meatballs you can stuff a pork loin with it you can do so many different things with it you can wrap it around some fish like a fillet a fish or something like that it’s phenomenal so I always make a full batch even though sometimes I know I won’t use all of it but you know you I will make a note of that in the recipe and then you can choose to make the whole thing or just have whatever you want then the olive oil with the cooked onion and garlic and I just use a fork to mix it all together and I don’t add any of that artichoke water until I get a good idea here for how dry things are I don’t want to pack things down too much I don’t want things to be too soggy so.

I’m just gonna add like a tablespoon at a time and then I’ll just keep mixing until I get where I feel like it’s perfect we’re nearly there smells phenomenal the warmth from the onions kind of like woke up the cheese’s so it smells great a little bit more I would just finish it off a quarter cup is usually a good bet then I also have some chicken stock and some white wine already so I’m gonna be useful for me to tell you the amount of each thing usually about a couple cups of chicken stock well like I’m a cup and a half of chicken stock to about a half a cup or so of wine it all depends on the size of your baking pan you want it to come up about an inch on the you know from the bottom so it doesn’t really do you any good if your baking pans larger than mine you know or smaller so I just take my fingers and.

I pack you know practice in and if any of the stuffing kind of falls out it is fine because what happens is it’s gonna cook with the wine and the chicken stock and it’s gonna be just delicious when you spoon this over your artichokes I’m just gonna add my chicken stock kind of just away from both sides that’s good little bit more I just used that better than bullion stuff I mean concentrate that you like make it nice and easy and some white wine ovens preheated to 350 and I’m just gonna pop these in for about 45 minutes or so and I will show you what they look like when they are done they smell fantastic and they haven’t even hit the oven yet these beauties were in the oven for 45 minutes and they look and smell magnificent I’m just going to one out oh they smell so good and here’s what you do you want to take a little bit of this juice when you serve it right can you serve these and .

I just sort of like you want to go right in there with it because you don’t want anything to be dry you don’t want between the leaves of artichokes to be dry they’re so phenomenal I start from the center and work my way out because the center is really soft and then the outer leaves it look at that it’s cheesy that’s part of the cheese right there this part of the artichoke is really soft and tender it’s not dry at all which I cannot stand under cooked artichokes you’ll be able to eat that and then when you get to the sides and to the ends you just eat this like you would a normal artichoke delicious times a thousand girl are in the kitchen I come for the written recipe hey listen we’re friends I hope you’ll enjoy spending time with me.