How To Make Summer Puttanesca

hi guys i share with you Summer Puttanesca that is so delicious and I’m gonna top it with some grilled chicken with some pesto on it and it’s just so delicious it’s easy its quick everyone loves it I’m gonna be topping it with some grilled chicken and I’m gonna do some with a little bit of pesto these are just two chicken breasts I like to score the top you don’t need to but you know and I just have them seasoned with some all-purpose seasoning I’ve got some beautiful vine ripe tomatoes here that I have just chopped into pretty large pieces actually I’ve got kalamata olives pitted and some capers you need some hot pepper flakes you need garlic you need anchovies optional but in my world you need anchovies and you’ve got some basil then you need the pasta of your choice then.

I say salt I said salt you need olive oil a little bit of parm like I said pesto of your choice you don’t have to do the pesto this would be just delicious as a vegetarian you know like in a beautiful pasta without the chicken but I like it just it’s really good together and I feel like once you present it all together it’s a great sort of like one big dish one big bowl you don’t really need anything else on the side some bread and wine would be lovely but you know let’s get started I’ve got some water coming to a boil for the pasta I’ve got a skillet here with a good amount of olive oil because we’re using fresh tomatoes we’re now using canned so the olive oil is gonna be part of the sauce add your garlic to cold oil because you really want to infuse that garlic flavor in the oil and I want leftovers and then to this I’m gonna add a pinch of hot pepper flakes and then what I’m going to do now take a sip of my coffee as this happened I’m going to bring this to temperature.

I’m gonna let the anchovy sizzle and melt the anchovies will not taste like fish in your dish I promise you won’t even know they’re there but they add a sort of umami salty delicious flavor that you just can’t replicate so they’re really important to me in this dish but you’re gonna leave them out and then the garlic will be lightly golden the oil will be infused and then we move on to the next step perfect the ancho is just about melted you can see the garlic lightly golden you never want your garlic to get really dark especially if you’re trying to infuse the oil because it can turn bitter and the Italian I tell you there is a big misconception that Italians love garlic but in reality the Italian Italians the ones that live in Italy I’m just gonna speak for my family no one likes a lot of garlic we love the flavor but we always take it out before we serve it that’s why in a lot of my Italian recipes.

I don’t tend to chop the garlic because I can easily fish it out cuz that’s just hot that’s how they do it you know I like it I like the garlic I leave it in you know change your own and your Tomatoes you can use cherry tomatoes you can use Roma to me any beautiful red ripe tomato will do traditionally you use canned tomatoes put an s cup there’s a couple of different versions of why it’s called Puttanesca and I want to hear from you what you’ve you know grew up hearing throughout your life I hear two versions I hear that it is fast to make and it’s cheap because it’s usually made with a canned goods like olives and canned tomatoes so it’s usually called that because it’s fast and cheap and I also heard it because usually from what I hear back in the a the ladies of the night used to make Puttanesca and put it on their windowsill to attract customers because it smells so good so which version did you grow up eating.

I grew up eating both eat hearing both so it doesn’t make much of a difference to me but you know I’d be curious to see what you got to say about that – my tomatoes I’m just gonna let them go for about a minute I’ve got some basil here that I washed I’m gonna just add some basil and once the tomatoes break down I’m actually gonna do it now but you can do it in a few minutes from now it doesn’t really matter you want to add your olives and your capers now I like kalamata or Gaeta olives for this I wouldn’t use green and I certainly wouldn’t use the sort of classic American black olives that was sort of really rubbery that I love in salads but they just do not belong and put some ESCA so here we go this is what I was waiting for it once it’s nice and bubbly and sizzling it’s doing all the right things .

I’m gonna go ahead and hit it with my olives and my capers and now I’m just supposed to cook this for about 10 ish minutes in a couple minutes I’m gonna go ahead and add my pasta to the boiling water that way everything gets done at the same time and then in the meantime I’m just going to sear some chicken breasts and a little bit of olive oil and then I’ll just show you what they look like when they’re done cuz I’m literally just gonna put them in a pan with some oil medium heat so they’re cooked through and I’ll show you how I just top them with a little bit of pesto and then we sort of you tonight all the things all right so my sauce has been cooking for a total of about 15 minutes I just turned it down I cooked my pasta I’m just I’m knit a little I’m just using spaghetti today but you can use any pasta of your choice of course I still have much I’m trying to like any four burners on this island.

Okay I’m trying to work with the two that I have but it’s really difficult but over here all I do all I did was just saute I just say sear my chicken and it is just about fully cooked through so I like to just take a little bit of pesto just this basil pesto if you’re not gonna make your own which I totally get it’s kind of you know hard to find that amount of fresh basil if you’re not gonna make your own and you buy it at the grocery store make sure you buy the basil that’s in the refrigerated section of your grocery store not like where the Tamiya canned tomato sauce is I’m gonna go ahead and add my pasta to my sauce i drained it well but I did reserve some cooking water because you’re gonna need it I also made sure to taste my sauce to make sure I adjusted it for any seasoning and it’s pretty perfect i grated some parm.

I’m just gonna work the sauce this is not like I said a saucy sauce is that a thing a saucy sauce because we didn’t use canned tomatoes but trust me when I tell you it is phenomenal and you’re gonna absolutely love it I’ve turn off my chicken let it sit there the pesto is just warm through and it’s perfect I’m gonna go ahead and just cook this together for just like a minute or so I’m gonna go ahead and add my parm the parm is gonna add layer flavor but it’s also gonna act almost like a edible glue to kind of hold everything together I’m gonna go ahead and tear in a little bit more fresh basil and we are ready to pretty much serve just gonna go ahead and mix this around I’m going to then slice my chicken and then .

I’m gonna serve it with you and show you what it all looks like sort of plated together beautiful chickens really really juicy let it rest longer than I have but you and I both know I am a patient and I just can’t be stopped and you just need a little bit more parm if you want to you can do a little more drizzle of olive oil on top I don’t think it needs it I think it’s got enough flavor in the sauce and then as you’re eating it when you eat it with the chicken it’s just gonna mix with the pesto and be absolutely dynamite I’m gonna go ahead and give this a taste don’t be afraid to use a good amount of olive oil this is probably gonna service for dinner tonight maybe have a little leftover and I did use a quarter cup of olive oil that’s basically the whole sauce you know what I mean so if you skimp on the olive oil you’re gonna skimp on a lot of really good flavor and it’s just not gonna turn out the same so it is so good has the same sort of flavor profiles as the class say it’s just a little more a little light it’s just it’s absolutely delicious it’s a classic for a reason we give it a bit of a light summer makeover but you know when it comes to spicy and garlic and you know the briny olives and capers.