How To Treatment Dark Neck in Home

hi darkening of the neck is a common complaint in our population it is very important to first understand the cause and why it’s occurring before we go ahead with treatment so in this video I’ll be telling you what are the causes for darkening in the neck what

treatments we can give and also certain home remedies that you can do in order to lighten the pigmentation on your neck I make videos on skincare and on hair transplantation it’s such content is of interest to you then please subscribe to the channel it’s video comedic Nicola Cooper iCarly press key G so what are the causes for darkening of the neck the most common causes acanthosis nigricans he can ptosis nigricans is a condition where there is insulin resistance meaning that the body is not able to take up the insulin that is being produced by the pancreas then what happens is that their pancreas starts to make even more insulin so what does insulin does is it thickens the skin so because the skin is thickened it also tends to become darker and appear more velvety and darker in color

they can also be appearance of multiple skin tags such as the neck the armpit and the groin area and sometimes even under the breast so if you have

thickening and darkening of skin in the neck underarms in your groin area and also on the sides of the forehead then you will have to rule out it can ptosis nigricans second common causes friction if you have a habit of very thick chains while sleeping or during the day that can also rub the skin and lead to darkening in the area also if you wear shirts which have collars which are very stiff and starched they can also rub against the back of your neck and lead to darkening of the skin over time darkening can also occur if you are overweight okay so because the two surfaces of your neck are rubbing against each other

there can be thickening and darkening of this area so you want to make sure that you are well within your normal weight you can know if you’re overweight by calculating BMI which is body mass index so it has to be below 25 okay so if you’re above 25 then you are

overweight the formula for calculating body mass index is dividing your weight in kilograms by height in meters squared so the number that you get should be below 25 also sun exposure and tanning can lead to darkening of the skin and the neck area especially if you ride a bike or keep a short haircut or you’re a woman who ties her hair up then this area gets exposed to the Sun so this can also lead to darkening of the skin in this area there’s a condition called lichen planus pigmentosa s’ in which there is darkening of the skin where there is sleep blue kind of pigmentation on the face mainly on the sides of the face and which can extend to the neck and the upper chest as well so even in this condition you can see dark spots on the neck area certain eczema can also lead to darkening of the neck there’s a condition called atopic dermatitis in which there is dryness and thickening and darkening of the skin in area such as the under eye the neck and in front of your elbows and behind your knees this area can be darker and thicker so even eczema can lead to darkening of the neck darkening of the neck can also occur due to intake of any kind of medicines such as tetracycline or any kind of anti malarial medicine can also lead to darkness

so how do we prevent this from occurring first and foremost you have to keep your weight under check okay so you have to know how much your body mass index is and try to keep it under 25 so you have to go for regular exercise follow a healthy diet try to cut down on your sugar intake your carbohydrate intake try to increase your fiber and protein intake and this will help in reducing your weight also you must exercise at least for half an hour every day you will notice that once you reduce weight the darkling in the neck area does tend to lighten over time make sure you do not wear any kind of thick chains before you go to bed okay so you want to remove all your jewelry before you sleep also wisely

you want to wear clothes which do not tug against your neck so try to avoid wearing any kind of t-shirt with collars which can rub against your neck you can wear an open neck t-shirt made of a soft material so that it feels more

comfortable and does not rub against your neck do not try to scrum this area this has occurred because of friction so you do want to scrub it people feel that because they make us dark and they really try to scrub it or use a loofah and you know scrub this area that it can be clean absolutely not you’re only going to enjoy your skin and which will lead to more darkening over time so please do not scrub this area whenever you wash your neck you want to be very gentle first lather of soap and very gentle run it across your neck like how you would wash any body part so you don’t want to really rub on a tag on it or use any kind of loofah or any kind of scrubber in this area which will only irritate and worsen the condition remember to always use a sunscreen even on your neck neck is a neglected area whenever we apply sunscreen we applied mainly on the face and maybe in the front of the neck but never on the nape of our neck and on the back so make sure that you apply sunscreen especially if you ride a bike or you keep a short haircut then this area does get exposed to the Sun so you have to make sure that you apply a liberal amount of sunscreen on this area so how do we treat if you have dark neck so first we need to find the underlying cause so how we approach a patient darkening of the neck is that first we look at their body weight and calculate the BMI if it is on the higher side then we want to suggest weight reduction if there is darkening and thickening of the skin and the area of the neck as well as in the armpits and the groin and under the breast or the size of the forehead then we have to rule out you can ptosis nigricans so we have to do fasting and post prandial insulin levels and fasting at post prandial blood sugar level this means that we check your insulin

sugar level both while fasting that is before take a breakfast and two hours after your meal once we look at these levels we’ll be able to rule out the presence of insulin resistance so if you do have insulin resistance then you may have to take metformin tablet depending upon your weight so we give metformin tablet about 500 milligrams twice a day this has to be taken after meals so if you have technique and darkling in your body folds please visit your

  • dermatologist or an endocrinologist for evaluation and to rule out insulin resistance
  • what creams can be used to lighten the neck we can use any cream which contains glycolic acid if you have a thick neck with folds then I suggest that you go for a glycolic acid in a lower
  • percentage that is about six percent and use it only once or twice in a week whenever you apply glycolic acid in such body folds it tends to remain there for a longer time and also there is

occlusion right so the glycolic acid collects in the body fold this can lead to irritation and redness sometimes so you want to make sure that you apply a very small quantity and apply it only once or twice in a week if you have only slight dark knee then we could also use creams such as by luma or Koji with ultra these creams tend to lighten the skin and your neck area we can also use d melon cream which contains glycolic acid 10% so this cream has to be applied on the neck area at night only twice in a week we have a full review on D melon cream you can click on the iCard to watch so what home remedies can be done to reduce the darkening of the neck remember that home remedies are not going to treat the underlying condition so we should need to always first find the cause and then Willie will be able to give an effective treatment so if you do not find any cause and it seems constitutional then you can go for certain home remedies so it will only lighten your neck to a certain extent you can use Upton paste which is a paste made with gram flour cored turmeric and you can add honey to it this mixture you can apply

Iria leave it on for about 20 minutes and wash it off and apply a moisturizer after that gram flour will help in exfoliating the skin turmeric will stain the skin slightly yellow and this will reduce the appearance of dark nee a gourd is also good lightening agent so this will help in lighten your dark neck you can also use just a mixture of cord and lemon be very careful whenever you apply lemon to the skin as lemon can sensitize your skin to sunrays okay so whenever you use any kind of home remedies containing lemon you want to use it when you know that you’re not going to be going out in the Sun or out in harsh sun for at least two days so you can take 3 tbsp of curd add 2 or 3 drops of lemon to it and just drop this mixture on your neck leave it on for about 20-25 minutes and wash it off with cold water you can also apply potato juice potato is a good skin lightening agent so you can greet a potato

squeeze it take out the juice and you can apply it on your neck leave it on overnight and you can wash it off in the morning this has to be done regularly for about a month before you can see results there you go a detailed video on causes and treatment for darkening of the neck remember that we have to find the cause before we go ahead with treatment okay so only once we find why you getting darkening in the neck area can be effectively treated I hope you found this Article useful if you