Lemon Zucchini Muffins

hi guys today we’re going to be making some lemon zucchini muffins raw baby she’s ready for her moment she’s wearing a lemon dress right babe lemon just for your lemon muffins we have matching lemon dresses except mine’s a little bit of see-through so that’s why i’m going with just a different dress but it’s still yellow festive joyful all the things right these muffins are delicious and i cannot wait to share them with you i showed you a sneak peek on my instagram and i had everyone very very excited about them so to get started you’ll need granulated sugar you also need some shredded zucchini of course flour baking powder baking soda eggs this is some light olive oil you can also use vegetable oil but i like light olive oil this is salt you need a little bit of vanilla extract lemon and i’m going to add some thyme to these.

Now you don’t get like a very herby flavor it’s just a lovely floral light floral note in the background that bounces off and balances with the lemon really really nicely and then we’re just going to make a super simple topping with brown sugar flour and butter for the top because you know me i like a little crunch so that’s everything oven it’s preheating to 375 i’ve got my muffin liner ready we’re going to add the sugar we’re going to add the eggs into the sugar go ahead can you show me about your your beautiful lemon nails show them your lemon nails if you haven’t noticed she painted them herself go ahead now you want to whisk your eggs and your sugar for a couple of minutes.

You want this mixture to become nice and pale and thick it doesn’t take very long at all you can also do this with like um uh you know magi whisk what do we call the electric whisk that’s just about on its way out a handheld electric whisk good job look how fast mommy’s doing it look at that in about a minute this will be thick and pale it’s already almost there you can see what a difference that makes you’re incorporating a lot of air so you’re going to have a lot of lift and beautiful colors see she’s doing this thing recently maybe your kid’s doing it too at this age where i don’t understand but you know took a little fake laugh you’re so cute okay you wanna go you wanna do this one more time yeah.

okay so now at this point you’re gonna add about three quarters the zest of a three quarter of a lemon well you know what i’m saying almost all of it you want to reserve a little bit for the topping um you’re looking at about like two teaspoons of lemon zest so three quarters of this lemon is perfect you’re going to add that right in that is a lot of upper body strength right there i’m kidding right mia show them your muscles oh look at those muscles look at that strong girl right feel it our friends can’t feel it but i can oh look at those muscles all right now i’m going to add a good splash of vanilla you want to add it in [Music] good splash like that go ahead and give it a stir baby along with your oil i like using light olive oil for this i actually also like to use regular olive oil not extra virgin but regular.

I like um olive oil in my baked goods they are just it makes it so luxe and delicious and rich as opposed to vegetable oil or butter but you know you can do whatever your heart desires but i tend to use light olive oil instead of vegetable oil anymore so i also like to do a little tiny squeeze of limon a little bit lemon like that and then tell them you need to add zucchini add in your zucchini you don’t have to squeeze anything out of it you just grate it and add along with the time add the time in good job and now we stir that smells really good already doesn’t it that smell lovely yeah and now we add in the dry ingredients and we’re just gonna slowly mix this using a spatula right we add everything in we did we added salt already in the dry ingredients remember note this we did already well you did already here mix this up please your tiny tiny pinch tiny pinch go ahead add a tiny pinch very good close the lid that’s very good sweetheart okay now let’s put them in these little muffin liners we did no no that’s for the topping yeah okay all right.

So i’m just gonna take a handy dandy ice cream scoop and we are gonna fill our liners my liners are a little dented because they just got all messed up in a drawer but you know what listen look how perfectly they work out right right baby and this will make a very full muffin which is great get him girl you want to you know squeeze yes no you have to put it in the thing thank you so much all right ready you’re trying to hold them down really cute i’m curious to know if a lot of you are baking with your kids a lot more these days because i know that she’s been in the kitchen with me pretty much 2247 over the last five six months right you just learned to have a lot of patience right baby we have one last one to do okay i’m just gonna take some of this batter and just even it all out because i don’t want to take an extra thing out for just one cupcake you know what i’m saying alright you know what i’m saying last one.

Okay now we make a topping topping is really easy very very simple you don’t need a lot of it just a tiny bit okay in here we have brown sugar flour and butter mix it together with our hands don’t worry our hands are clean okay now my mommy will do it okay and you just need to break the butter up a little bit amongst the flour and the sugar i’m gonna do something it’s okay baby we’re gonna sprinkle it on top okay you sprinkle on top like that and you just need a little tiny bit for each one too much too much too much tiny bit good job it’s ready to go in the oven it’s ready to go in the oven 375 about 20 minutes or so or until golden brown then we let them cool completely then we eat we won’t let them cook completely we’ll let them cool long enough so we can eat one boom my sweetness my muffins came out of the oven like 10 minutes ago.

I like to place them on a cool rack just to cool a little by the way i meant to say 350 now 375 and the quarter of the lemon zest that we had left was supposed to go in the topping with the brown sugar in the all-purpose flour this is what happens when shoe chef is in town okay we love her dearly she’s a vibe she’s everything but she makes me very confused because i gotta make sure like i’m telling you the right thing and then she’s also calm and cool and collected it’s just a lot of things up here okay but i will have it written in the um in the recipe portion on my website by the way she left us she’s like you know what the muffins are in the oven you don’t need me anymore do the cleanup call me when they’re done she literally was like are they done yet are they done yet anyway.

I’m very excited to give these a try um they’re pretty phenomenal and divine and you are going to love them look at that they’re fluffy they’re beautiful they smell like absolute heaven and i don’t know about you i’m a bottom muffin person and it’s i’m an old muffin person but i don’t know about you no no bud i am up to here with eggplant and zucchini our zucchini did not grow well this year but my neighbor is growing really fantastic zucchini so i plan on making a couple batches of these more like three or four gifting some and throwing some in the freezer because you can always pop a muffin in the microwave for 30 seconds and have a beautiful hot delicious muffin in 30 seconds so make a few batches with all the zucchini that you’ve got coming in you will not regret it i’ve got more zucchini bread recipes so if you just go to the website and just search for zucchini bread they’ll all come up this is probably the best one and we just have a good time go there i appreciate you i’ll see you next time bye