Portuguese Inspired Roast Chicken

hi guys i want to share with you my take on sort of a portuguese roasted chicken we’re going to roast it on a bed of sliced onions and potatoes and it’s going to be phenomenal i made this last weekend i shared it on instagram and everybody went crazy for asking for the recipe so here we go let me run you through what you’ll need let’s start with the chicken what i’ve got here is something called leg quarters right so it’s your drumstick and your thigh bone in skin on attached this is the cut that was given to me this is the cut that i like it’s substantial now honestly i think you can get eight servings out of this instead of four because if you just cut the thigh and the drumstick in half then you get two pieces um per quarter right so you’ve got your chicken here i just trim off any excess fat and i just put a few slits in there so that the marinade can really soak in um as it marinates and then for the marinade what you need is chili powder paprika smoked paprika italian seasoning.

I know but it works a little bit of brown sugar this is some hot sauce this is just frank’s hot sauce you need lemon salt garlic and olive oil all of those combined make for absolute magic and when you roast the chicken all the drippings go into the potatoes and i am telling you right now it is unbelievable and i know you are going to love it so everything kind of goes actually let me just do the lemon first because this is just easier you need about a quarter cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice i just do right in there make myself make my life a lot easier if you are portuguese and you make a traditional classic which i know even in italy like even amongst my family my mama makes sauce one way my nonna makes sauce the other way so there’s really no like traditional i guess it’s different to everyone depending um how you make it even all over the world but i would love to know in your household if you are portuguese how you make portuguese roast chicken and how far i am from the traditional way to make it so you have your lemon juice you need some olive oil about yay much and.

I’m going to go ahead and grate in my garlic um make sure and i say this a lot when it comes to marinating meat make sure that the container that you’re marinating your meat is just big enough to hold everything in there but not so big that the marinade is swimming away from the meat because then it does nothing for you that’s why mine’s in there pretty snug that’s how i want it i’m just gonna go ahead and grate everything in here and you pretty much add everything in the brown sugar even though it’s just one tablespoon it gives good balance and also makes everything caramelize really nicely because we’re going to cook this at a high heat and then a good pinch of salt and you’re gonna go ahead and give this a really good stir make sure you’ve got clean hands because you’re gonna massage this whole thing really well in your chicken so add that right in there move my watch give everything a good massage and this is going to marinate all day.

Preferably even overnight but all day really does do the trick oh yeah smells phenomenal it’s smoky it’s just fantastic so you’re gonna have to trust me and you can probably do this with a chicken or i’m sorry with fish as well i haven’t tried it but i’m sure it would work i don’t particularly like roasting chicken breast unless it’s like a whole chicken but if you are going to be doing this with chicken breasts my suggestion would be that you either don’t look in my hands that you either do this on chicken breasts and then grill the chicken breast so that you prevent them from overcooking or you can just saute them or you can do bone-in skin on chicken breasts and then just make sure that you cook them to the right temperature because chicken breast does tend to overcook easily all right this is all massaged.

I’m gonna clean my hands wipe the sides of my container here and then i’m gonna go ahead and let this marinade pretty much all day long and then i’ll show you the next step when we go to roast date with our potatoes and onions it is so good chicken has been marinating literally all day what i have here are some thinly sliced red skin potatoes any potato will do and yellow onion i’ve got my roasting dish here any roasting dish will do i love this one from italy because i feel like it gets things a little bit more crispy and nibbly at the bottom so all you do i have a little bit of olive oil on the bottom just so that it keeps the potatoes from sticking now the potatoes are not going to get crispy like you would if you were just doing regular roast potatoes because you’re going to sit the chicken on top so there’s moisture there but what happens is the potatoes kind of absorb the marinade and it’s just so delicious you can’t even imagine .

So i’m going to go ahead and do a layer of potato and then i’ll do a little bit of onion and a little salt on the potatoes themselves and then we will do another layer of potatoes with whatever potatoes left if you want to just do one layer of potatoes by all means but hey why do you have one layer where you can have two you know i’m saying everybody love this bud at least that’s just me i love potatoes you can’t have enough potatoes so there’s one layer lovely that’s the last of my onion kind of sandwich the onion between the two layers of potatoes okay and then you take your chicken now as this cooks okay the marinade is going to literally drip right down in there which we are going to spoon this marinade over everything so do not worry we would not leave it out but as it cooks it is going to mix with the flavor and drippings of the chicken.

And then that’s what’s gonna cook your potatoes and basically let’s go like self-baste itself and the potatoes it’s pretty fabulous so 425 for about an hour if you take this out and you feel like your potatoes are sort of still swimming in too much juices let the chicken rest a bit and put the potatoes back in i’ll show you what it looks like after an hour or so and then we’ll go from there i’ll give you more tips and tricks gotta wash my hands though my chicken looks incredible i i just took it out about five to ten minutes ago i let it cool just for a little bit and it looks literally incredible and it smells even better and this is what i was telling you about the potatoes because they’re sitting on top of the chicken they’re not going to get crispy but they’re kind of just sort of going to caramelize around the edges.

Oh and they just soak up all the flavor and honestly i mean i don’t want to say the potatoes are the best part but they’re pretty phenomenal i mean the bottom ones just get like that see that and then the ones up here just soak up the flavor it’s honestly to die for you just take you can serve one per person you should be able to cut right into it easily if you just move your making a disastrous mess because they’re very very very hot come on work with me here there we go here’s your drumstick here’s a nice big thigh i’m not describing myself look at that the meat just literally falls off the bone super crispy on the top let it cool a little bit more before you do this if you’re going to cut it that flavor is to die for and the chicken literally melts in your mouth.